After years of headlines, and countless objections Sprint is finally being absorbed by T-Mobile. This on-again, off-again merger was finally approved at the end of July, after both parties committed to investing in both rural broadband improvements along with 5G deployment, and selling off parts of their businesses to DISH Network. The sell off to DISH was done to help jump start the creation of a new carrier to compete against. Prior to the merger we saw Sprint’s financial conditions continue to weaken and the telecommunication industry and customers felt those woes.

Now that we see a light at the end of the tunnel, pending the last legal challenge from New York Attorney General Letitia James, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and 10 other state attorney generals. With the concessions to sell off multiple parts including spectrum to DISH Network, the promise to keep rates at their current levels and to make large investment in 5G and rural broadband, this merger could mean adding additional jobs and revenue to every state in the union. The rural broadband projects could have long term improvements for rural communities, helping rural citizens to find better education and employment opportunities for generations.

We hope that this merger with all the possibilities isn’t held up to long in another legal battle, especially since we know that Sprint has been investing far less in their spectrum and equipment than other carriers. This has left Sprint behind the other major carriers, and without this merger will Sprint have the capital to invest in upgrades, new towers, and equipment? We can’t expect Sprint subscribers to wait much longer for better internet speeds, and service improvements.. And the last thing T-Mobile wants is to hemorrhage Sprint customers to other networks in search of better service and speed. We would love to see the telecom work that would be created across the industry from the merger.