The T-Mobile and Sprint Merger

The T-Mobile and Sprint merger, which was completed in April 2020, has had a significant impact on the wireless communication industry in the United States. Has helped to produce a strong third option in the American Wireless market. Prior to the merger, T-Mobile and...

So, your city needs more wireless coverage?

Do you feel like your IG live workouts are running slow now that everyone is home and scrolling social media on their phone? With the increase in traffic since Covid-19 shelter in place orders the wireless companies are testing the limits of their networks. Verizon...


With the start of 2020 consumers everywhere are starting to wonder where is the 5G they were promised? Unfortunately, for the United States, the infrastructure needed to provide the ultra-fast connection of 5G still needs to be built. This is because the millimeter wavelength needed for 5G requires more small cell towers in highly populated areas to keep the signals moving.

T-Mobile and Sprint Merger

After years of headlines, and countless objections Sprint is finally being absorbed by T-Mobile. This on-again, off-again merger was finally approved at the end of July, after both parties committed to investing in both rural broadband improvements along with 5G...

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